The ELLA system

It’s time to put the learning back in Learning Management Systems.

In the world of education, Learning Management Systems or LMS’s were invented to facilitate learning. The problem is, they don’t. Instead, they’re functional, document sharing data-entry systems that haven’t changed much over the years. No wonder most teachers, students, and parents are frustrated by them.

We built Ella to be better by creating an experience that elevates learning for everyone. One that empowers students and teachers through better collaboration opportunities, is simple to use, and believes greatly in the importance of providing students the balance they need to achieve better mental health.

Welcome to Ella. Learning elevated.

Sarah Miller, Student, Age 10
Lover of all things outdoors

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Elevated learning happens by putting students first.

When students are put first, something pretty amazing starts to happen: it becomes easier for them to learn and for teachers to teach. But, with one teacher working with multiple students or groups, sometimes that’s easier said than done. This is why we built Ella to act as a virtual academic coach for students with unique tools that provide the structure, reinforcement, and guidance they need to develop confidence in their classwork and take charge of their learning. But even with the best coach, no student can do it alone. True success comes from tighter bonds between student, teacher, and parent. To enable this, Ella is the only LMS that makes it easier for teachers to streamline tasks and reduce their administrative burden allowing them to spend more time teaching or connecting with students and parents on the topics that matter most.

Ella Tools & Insights

A learning management system that thinks it’s a T.A.

As an educator, maybe the following thought has crossed your mind: your current LMS isn’t something you or your students love using. It’s functional, yet clumsy and time consuming. But you’ve learned to live with it. We say, why settle? Ella is like having your own teaching assistant with tools that make planning and administering coursework simpler. This frees you up to have more time to do the thing you really love: Teach. What’s more, Ella enables more seamless connections between students, teachers, and parents. When you try our demo, we’re certain you’ll agree learning’s way better when it’s elevated.

Abe Roberts, Math Teacher, Age 28
Astronomy & Astrophotography Enthusiast


Can Ella show me how to raise my grade and prioritize my assignments?

Yes, and yes. And more. Our suite of smart tools really does make it easier for students to improve. When it comes to better grades, Ella Grade Boost can show students where the best opportunities for grade improvement are within a course. For both past projects that might be able to be resubmitted or future ones not yet completed. And for more efficient task prioritization, Ella Task Plan auto schedules all student activities and assignments in the most efficient order to complete. To see all the other ways we can help, check out our product page.

News & Publications

Educational news worth reading.

Improving the learning experience for students, teachers, and parents is at the heart of our company’s mission. The following are some articles worth reading on trending topics in the space.

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