The ELLA advantage

Better balance for students, teachers, and parents.

These days, educators are spread thin and under more pressure than ever before. Ella is ready to help by putting students first acting both as a virtual academic coach, and a teacher of executive functioning skills. For educators, Ella simplifies and streamlines the planning and grading process via a suite of smart tools giving teachers meaningful hours of time back every week. How? Well, let’s say you’re teaching four of the same section to multiple groups. That’s means a lot of time spent uploading all those sections in a traditional LMS. But not anymore. Ella’s streamlined planning means you’ll only need to upload the course content one time letting you plan once and execute against multiple groups while saving you 75% of the time it currently takes you to do this!

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Through better understanding comes better achievement.

Unlike other LMS’s, Ella was built to encourage higher quality engagement between teachers, students, and parents. This can help with both understanding course or content to getting on the same page with teacher expectations. From this improved transparency, better academic results can occur. No longer do parents have to wait until a Parent Teacher conference to know where their child stands academically. Instead, they become active participants in their child’s academic journey.

The Ella Smart Tool Suite

Smarter tools made to enable teaching success.

Ella’s suite of smart tools saves educators time and helps students achieve success. The foundation of our offering begins with Ella Planning. Made to help students understand and achieve course expectations quickly, it allows them to master academic content and improve their academic performance faster.

Our smart tools suite includes:

Student Tools.

Elevating learning for students at every step.

Smart Tools

Ella Grade Boost

Shows students where their best chances for grade improvement exist including estimated time needed to complete and grade impact. It lists: missing assignments, test retake opportunities, assignment retry opportunities, and extra credit work.

Smart Tools

Ella Task Plan

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) driven auto scheduling that reveals the optimal plan to balance daily school related work, helping students manage their time effectively to get their schoolwork completed on time with less stress.

Smart Tools

Ella Reminders

Mobile and in-app notifications that push to students, parents, and teachers alerting them when key projects or milestones are approaching and what and when tasks need to be completed.

Smart Tools

Ella Dates

An all-in-one calendar for class sessions, extracurricular activities, personal events – even bedtime and wake up times, helping students better manage their time and showing where optimal times to complete schoolwork exist.

Smart Tools

Ella Study Buddy

Aids students in maintaining focus while completing schoolwork and ensuring adequate breaks are taken and that students return from breaks. Provides easier access to related content while enabling structured rest breaks.

Teacher Tools.

The help you need to elevate learning in your classroom.

Smart Tools

Ella Build

Lets teachers easily build and create course units, lessons, assignments, and tests within units. Seamlessly connects related content such as linking assignments and lessons to tests that will cover the same content. Creates study tasks automatically for all planned tests and quizzes.

Smart Tools

Ella Schedule

Seamlessly schedule lessons, assignments and tests with a drag and drop interface. Offers streamlined support for multi-section courses enabling teachers to schedule once and deliver to many, saving hours of time scheduling.

Smart Tools

Ella Teach

Outputs an automatically generated daily agenda of class sessions to be taught for each session with links to quickly access content for lessons, assignments, and tests.

Smart Tools

Ella Grade

Quickly review and add comments to submitted student assignments. If multiple attempts are allowed, use speed grade mode to compare each attempts submission and evaluate overall progress.

Ella Harmony

Building better relationships one good habit at a time.

It’s natural for students to sometimes feel overwhelmed with their schoolwork and other extracurricular activities. This can lead to anxiety and stress and sometimes hurt familial or interpersonal relationships. Ella’s suite of smart tools can help by building important critical thinking skills along with other key executive functioning skills such as: planning, time management, goal setting, working memory and mental flexibility. When students use these tools, they learn to manage their academic and social life putting them in control of their success and destiny. As a result, they’re better able to manage stress and anxiety.


Elevated learning happens when we’re better connected.

We believe that good communication is the foundation of better relationships between students, teachers, and parents. So, we built our LMS to be a helpful communicator allowing important updates and messages to be seamlessly transmissible from teacher to student, parent to teacher, or many combinations in between. Early and often enough to be helpful but spaced appropriately to be respectful of people’s attention spans and time.


Smart Grade Boost

Let’s say a student has a C- in class and wants to raise it up. Ella Grade Boost can show the way, providing a calculation of where the outstanding assignments with the most points are or which past ones can be recompleted and submitted again.

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