The Ella Story

We started Ella with a simple belief: It’s time to put the “learning” back in learning management systems.

Across the academic world, through the extensive interviews we conducted, we’d heard it from administrators, educators, and parents: traditional Learning Management Systems or LMS’s weren’t cutting it when it came to helping students get ahead. They weren’t letting teachers save time or stay better connected to students in meaningful ways. And they weren’t allowing parents to really know what was really happening in their child’s academic life. Instead, they were creating friction and causing anxiety for all who had to use them. The problem? They’d forgotten to focus on the one thing they were created for in the first place: learning. So, we set about building a better LMS from the ground up.

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Meet Ella: A virtual coach and expert connector.

We created Ella by envisioning a world where a smarter, more purposefully built experience could better elevate learning for everyone. One that could meaningfully help students get ahead while giving educators a faster way to stay organized and orchestrate their learning plans. All to free them up to do the one thing they really want to do: teach.

Today, Ella is helping students, teachers, and parents get more from education, and it’s ready to help your school or school district do the same.

Our vision

Elevated learning for everyone.

As a company, we live these in how we inspire students, teachers, and parents as well as in the product we deliver. We believe that learning is a lifelong journey that, at its best, opens minds and hearts to new ideas and brings people together. By removing barriers that impede teaching and learning, teachers and students can achieve their truest potential.

When this happens, learning is elevated for all.

Our vision

Our pillars for success

Ella was founded on four very important ideals: empowerment, innovation, equanimity, and synergy. As a company we live these in both how we inspire students, teachers, and in the product we deliver. If we do these things well, we will facilitate a new day in learning that will create a brighter future for all.

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